January 26, 2023
  • 7:49 am Implement 6 Unknown and Powerful File Operations in Windows 10
  • 5:28 am Microsoft Project 2016 Full Version Free Download + Product Keys [32/64 Bit]
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When dealing with files in Windows 10, we often encounter problems that are cumbersome or not easy to solve. I believe that countless users have encountered the situation that “files cannot be deleted.” In the face of these basic problems, the solutions given online are always ambiguous. Here are some unseen and efficient file operations in Windows 10.

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Batch rename files in Windows 10

Almost everyone has done a “rename”, and a small number of files can be manually modified one by one. Renaming a large number of files requires a renaming tool.

There are many gadgets available for batch renaming files, and the functionality is similar. Here are two methods, the Renamer and Quicker actions.

One-click release of Windows file occupation

When deleting files in Windows, many people will encounter problems with file usage. Sometimes when you want to delete a file, the system always prompts that the file is occupied and cannot be deleted. Even if you open the task manager, you can’t find what software is taking up. In addition, the residual configuration files after some software uninstallation are also very stubborn, and can not be deleted after restarting the computer, which is really a headache.

In this case, I recommend a lightweight gadget: LockHunter. It can solve the problem of occupying a locked file without taking up memory and Windows 10 system backstage.

This tool solves the problem that most files are not occupied. For example, in general, you can’t delete the document itself when Excel is open, but with LockHunter, you can even undo and delete an Excel document being edited, and Excel will not crash and exit, even if saving the file again will not be affected.

Get a list of files in bulk in Windows 10

In fact, the operation itself is very simple, but the scope of application is relatively narrow. However, this operation is often the basis of many advanced batch processing, so it is very versatile. For example, use a folder as a selection list, filter files with a specific name, and so on.

This can be done with two cmd commands.

Method 1: Use the Tree command

  1. Press Win + R to call the Run window, and type cmd to enter the command line.
  2. Enter tree folderPath /f > outputFolderPath/filename.

For example: tree D:/Folder /f > D:/Folder/List.txt. After running, the list of files in the D:/Folder directory is written to the List.txt file.

Method 2: Use the Dir command

  1. Press Win + R to call the Run window, and type cmd to enter the command line.
  2. Enter dir folderPath . /B > outputFolderPath/filename

For example: dir D:/Folder . /B > D:/Folder/List.txt. You can also type cd D:/Folder and type dir >> List.txt /b directly into the directory to get the file list. The final effect is the same.

Add a note to the folder in Windows 10

There is another unknown property in Windows 10 OS: “Remarks“. You can turn on the display of the notes in the blank location of the folder by “Right click – Sort by – More“.

These complex file operations can be achieved with a powerful software. Similar to macOS’s Automator and LaunchBar, Windows 10 has finally come up with an equally efficient tool: Quicker.

Features of Quicker:

Automatic switch panel

Automatically switch the action panel based on the software you are using. No matter what you do, the usual tools are always at hand.

Quick open

Add frequently used software, files, URLs, or Windows commands to the shortcut panel. Open or run them as fast as other Launchers.

Analog keyboard input

Call the software’s shortcuts or menu functions, or send text content to the chat window. Reduce mouse and keyboard switching and relax your brain.

Cloud storage

Once configuration, use anywhere. The software also automatically downloads and syncs the icons.